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[BUG] Pending not working on a custom vault

**Describe the bug** When I add a custom vault for GenX and try to read the pending value, the vault doesn‘t work right (wrong name, wrong calculation, etc.) **To Reproduce** Steps to reproduce the behavior: 1. Deposit to a vault on EVOdefi ([](url)) 2. Add it as a custom vault on WalletNow. 3. Go to the WalletNow dashboard and you will see the problem. **Expected behavior** Correct name and calculation. **Screenshots** When I the API name for pending rewards … ![IMG_0492]( … the following happens, the amount and the name is garbled … ![IMG_0495]( When I remove the API name … ![IMG_0490]( … it looks better, but obviously the pending is missing … ![IMG_0491]( **Desktop (please complete the following information):** - all browsers **Smartphone (please complete the following information):** - all devices **Additional context** - origin: [GitHub](