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[BUG] Binance shows non existing QTUM holdings

**Describe the bug** I have activated the Binance API and it returns a QTUM holding that does not exist. Maybe it‘s my locked stackings of other token on Binance because they are not shown. But if it‘s the locked stackings, they are at least $400 off (WalletNow shows $1,800 and Binance shows $1,400). **To Reproduce** Steps to reproduce the behavior: 1. Register or login on Binance 2. Add some locked stackings (don‘t know if it‘s the cause) 3. Go to WalletNow and see QTUM holdings **Expected behavior** Don‘t show any QTUM holdings on Binance because I don‘t have any. **Screenshots** If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. ![IMG_0502]( ![IMG_2343]( **Desktop (please complete the following information):** All Browsers, desktop and mobile **Smartphone (please complete the following information):** All devices **Additional context** I can‘t find a QTUM contract on bscscan to deactivate this holding. Could you provide me one, if it‘s not fixable. - origin: [GitHub](