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[BUG] Qubit supply vault not recognized

**Describe the bug** The Qubit vault is not recognized after adding to custom vaults. **Expected behavior** Qubit vault appearing in overview. **Screenshots** ![image]( Configuration in custom vault ![image]( Overview of wallet ![image]( Deposit transaction **Desktop (please complete the following information):** - OS: Windows 10 - Browser: Vivaldi - Wallet app: Metamask **Additional context** Vault configuration: - 0xf70314eb9c7fe7d88e6af5aa7f898b3a162dcd48 - Qubit Finance - - 0x17b7163cf1dbd286e262ddc68b553d899b93f526 - accruedQubit Also no effect when using contract 0xcD2CD343CFbe284220677C78A08B1648bFa39865 where QBT were deposited - origin: [GitHub](